• *Fictional project for Future Lions*
  • GreenWash by Patagonia  

    When people think of plastic pollution, bottles and other plastic packaging usually comes to mind. But the biggest problem, the one that takes up 85% of plastic pollution in our waters, is microplastics. Or better known as polyester, acrylic and elastan. When washing our clothes, over 1900 tiny microplastics could be released from a single garment. The plastics gets washed into the sea where it is mistaken as food by sea creatures and ultimately ends up in our food chain.

    Boyan Slat, leader of the project the ocean cleanup. Came up with a new fabric with the ability to auto filter the microplastics from the water. Today the fabric is already being used as net to filter the oceans. 

    But why start in the oceans where the problem ends. When you can use the same fabric to stop the problem before it even takes place. Our idea was to replace the nature friendly clothing company-Patagonia’s plastic bags with laundry bags made out of this fabric.

    #Shortlisted in Future Lions