Jitzu Family | Font


    Jitzu is a multilingual didone font family designed for a large range of uses - editorial, web, product design, restaurants, events, fashion and arts & crafts. Focusing on a clean and contemporary approach that includes subtle indentations, parameters and balance remain intact. Jitzu Basic is a timeless and elegant italic typeface, whilst Jitzu Swash blends calligraphy with legibility. Both styles include a Display weight, to acheive maximum aesthetics when being used for headlines or larger text formats.

    Consisting of multiple styles and 10 weights, it is well equipped with many Opentype features such as alternate glyphs, swashes, standard/ discretionary ligatures, ordinals as well as supporting 80 languages. Thank you! Check out www.ajtypography.com

  • BASIC - Display, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black
  • SWASHDisplay, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black
    Jitsu font family contains a library of Opentype features for both Basic and Swash versions. Alternate Characters take into account the use of flamboyant ascenders as well as customary swashes on the descenders. Discretionary and Standard Ligatures are also available, maintaining compactibility for editorial purposes. Uppercase Alternates give the option of keeping the baseline consistent, as well as providing parallel Arms when Uppercase characters coincide. Oldstyle Numerals that are more preferable for lowercase applications are also accessible, as well as Ordinals and Fractions.

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