Science Meets Coffee
    Working on a school project where the task was to create a coffee brand and package design. CHNO is the formula of caffeine (C8H10N4O2 I removed the numbers to keep it simple and minimalistic.
    Brief / Client: Brand Opus
    No country in the world drink more coffee than the Norwegians, but they are very traditional in their choice of coffee. Most of us choose mostly brands like Ali, Friele or Evvergood when we buy coffee. Coffee manufacturer Beanie is a newly established coffee roasting who want to launch their products across the country and at the changing Norwegians coffee habits, both by challenging the Norwegians' choice of coffee, but also by separating out on store shelves.
    Beanie do not want to add some guidelines for the choice of packaging, except that it is a requirement that it should be smart to use and environmentally friendly. The most important thing is that it stands out from the other manufacturers in the store shelf. The coffee will be sold in units of 250 and 500g. Beanie wants initially to launch three different coffees aimed at three different audiences.
    Young women in today prefer tea over coffee, coffee connoisseur who today prefer to go to a coffee shop rather than buying their coffee the shop and the traditional coffee drinkers who today is faithful to his daily Evergood.
    i choose : coffee connoisseur who today prefer to go to a coffee shop rather than buying their coffee the shop

    The Special Logo

    I wanted to bring science people or the smart people to the coffee chain by creating a brand that speeks to them. I created a logo, that is based on the formula of caffeine, which you can see above. I then removed all the numbers, but I still kept the same order of the words so it still had a meaning.

    The Unique Brand
    My brand is also based on the periodic table, where each product have a letter which represent a element from the periodic table. 
    B - Bor          C - Carbon          K - Kalium          Y - Yttrium