Vaughan Oliver: Visceral Pleasures

  • “Vaughan Oliver: Visceral Pleasures” is an edited interview by Guy Anglade published July 26, 2010 on While keeping true to the original interview format, I converted Guy’s article into a book that exhibits Vaughan Oliver’s work with various typographic solutions. For this project I wanted to reflect Oliver’s own design philosophies while integrating a modern interpretation. By experimenting with materials, my goal was to capture the ominous atmosphere that Oliver is known for and represent his work in a new light.​​​​​​​
  • The front cover with a semi-transparent mylar dust jacket. The title is blurred by the frosted mylar and the image overlay.
  • The front cover with the dust jacket removed revealing the undistorted title.
  • Blurb about Vaughan Oliver on the front inner flap of the dust jacket.
  • The interior of the book is printed on Dur-O-Tone Butcher Off White by French Paper Co.
  • The binding is a combination of Tyler School of Art’s signature bind and traditional.
  • The pull quotes are printed on mylar and overlay Oliver’s design work.
  • Detail of the pagination and stitching of the bind.
  • BFA undergraduate project at Tyler School of Art
    Art Direction by Kelly Holohan
    Copywriting by Guy Anglade
    Album art and images by Vaughan Oliver