First — Your Seafood Partner

    First Seafood AS is a norwegian seafood company based in Oslo. They specialise in fish production and sale in both Norway and internationally. Their mission is to bring the best of fish products from the norwegian cost to costumers all over the world.
    Brief — First Seafood AS is going to be establish in Norwegian grocery stores. Make packaging for four fish products: King crab, pollock, skrei cod and halibut. The packaging should be based around the values clean, norwegian and exclusive. 

    Good fish is about knowledge. Knowledge that only a true fishermen know of, knowledge that
    is passed on from generation to generation in an old and tradition-based discipline. Knowledge
    of the sea and good fish, old techniques and traditions. Like a carpenter knows his wood work,
    our fishers knows the ocean and all of it’s tresures. This is where the quality in First Seafood’s
    products comes from — and it’s this history we want to communicate — the story about
    knowledge, heritage and tradition.