Web & app ui collection part 1

  • Company 
    Cryptocurrency exchange service
  • Landing page
    for the company to develop CRM travel systems
  • Presentation Screen
    Business mobile App for everyday using and track statistics inside App
  • Boat app
    Search rental application

  • Exchange screen
    Search and select the currency with the best exchange rates
  • Statistic app
    ui/ux binary
  • Statistics Screen
    Monitoring spent and earned money
  • Voting App
    Mobile app for bonus gifts
  • Dashboard with statistic
    All statistic in one place
  • Dental clinic
    Main page for Dental clinic
  • Payment page
    Payment screen inside the App
  • Home screen
    Dashboard omeon
  • Blurbing App

  • Presentation Screen
  • Task app 
    for business platform Conver
  • Left Sidebar and Tickets
    All settings with the one swipe
  • Coiner
    Currency Exchange Service
  • Order Page
    Service selection programmers
  • Task Page
    for business platform Conver
  • Presentation Screen
     mobile app for the network of gas stations
  • Map Screen
    Find your place app
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