My Mini Portfolio 2015 - early 2016

  • MINI PORTFOLIO (2015-2016)
    (BA) Illustration & Visual Media
    London College of Communication,
    University of the Arts London

    Hello lovely people, I think a little introduction is long overdue though I expect you all get a sense of me from artworks I have been posting here. My name is Huong Anh, Huong means “perfume” or “scent” which is named after my mother, and “Anh” means “the leader” or “ light” and I have no idea how these two parts connected. I used to take “Amelia” as my formal-international-name, it means “work” in Latin and I do love working. But then no one remembered calling me “Amelia” so I ended up being called “An” because foreign friends can’t pronounce “Anh” correctly, that’s fine then “An” means “peace ” in Vietnamese/Chinese - exactly what I am always seeking for.

    I’m currently pursuing a BA degree of Illustration and Visual Media at University of the Arts London. I was asked to create an A5 publication which visuals and knowledge shown should prove my intensions to go into the creative industries and finger point exactly where I am today, in regards to my understanding of the career I am about to go into and the type of work I wish to produce, also considersing what I need to learn or aim at. Though this supposed to be just a reflection book I would love to turn it into a career journal, a mini portfolio which enclosed all my proudest works in the last two years. You can also learn some facts about me in this lovely book and if you do find something in common, please feel free to share it with me I would love to make some more friends! 

    Links to some projects mentioned in this book:

  • Photos of my real life publication, the word content is slightly different, sounds more serious than the mockups you have seen above. 
  • One more touch to be ready for the career journey ahead: a pocketful of  lovely huonganh-ish business cards!