Grub Snacks - Insect Cuisine

    Grub Snacks - Insect Cuisine
    Branding, Packaging Design, Promotion, Web Design  - University Third Year Project
    Take the world of insect cuisines and sell it through design and experience. This involves creating a identity and name, as well as methods of exposure.
    To create a premium feeling snack brand for todays market and technology minded audience. Using pathways such as packaging, branding, social media and promotion of the brand to create a fresh and appealing alternative snack.
    The solution is to make a snack based alternative which people would try instead of crips / chocolate etc. The snack wouldn't exactly say what type of insect is inside, the user would find a unique code at the bottom of the packaging and would be prompted to visit the grub website. Here you can redeem your code and the website would reveal what insect you have eaten. Here you can view facts and figures, order more and join in on the social media movement. There will also be a traveling pop-up stall selling and giving out testers of the product, a touch screen would be enabled to reveal your insect at the pop-up shop.
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