What? Risograph - Zine & Website

  • What? Risograph - Celebrate a Craft
    Print Design, Zine, Paper folding, Website, Ui  - University Third Year Project
    Celebrate a craft of your choice, its up to you! Celebrate it in a way which really gives it credit.
    To create a three part issued zine which teaches creatives about risograph and what can really be achieved with this new craze of print making.
    Three zines taking you from start to finish. From history, to process and technique, to design and finishing. All designed in a unconventional zines style. Making it interesting by having foldouts, posters, look through holes, making it very intuitive to use. Also created is a web version of the zines, which is a one page site explaining it in a animated fun way. 
    website Link - samuel-hall.co.uk/work/whatrisograph/
    Created by Sam Hall ©