New York Giants Infographics

  • New York Giants Infographics
    A self-initiated, final major project.
  • This is a self-initiated project I undertook as my final major project for my degree. I chose to create a series of infographics based on the 2011/12 season for the NFL team the New York Giants, targeted at people within the design industry. To keep a consistent theme running throughout the project I used a simple rigid colour palette and finished each poster with a wax seal using the New York Giants logo. All the posters created were generated based on statistics available and the NFL website, but to keep the design of the posters clean, I never incorporated this information on the posters themselves.
  • Top 50 Receivers (by division).
  • Average Yards.
  • Top 25 Linebackers.
  • Top 10 Quarterbacks. 
  • Touchdowns Scored/Conceded.
  • Winning/Losing Streaks.
  •  Home Games.
  •  Away Games.