The Mind Kingdom of OCD

  • OCD is described as an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts, creating repetitive behaviors and combined of such obsessions and compulsions. In order to understand how this disorder works I have taken research, interviewed several friends who got OCD and tried to create a clear connection between psychology and actions through each of my drawing. This collection of four illustrations named “A journey to the mind kingdom of OCD" describes four typical primary OCDs: Counter, Hoarder, Cleaner and Order. Though I was fully aware that OCD is a quite serious problem I still didn't want to reflect this story through a gloomy looking glass. My plan was to create a magical, optimistic and much more funny way of seeing this, so people could be relaxed and allow themselves to think wilder rather than just nervously absorb the scientific facts. Just like many previous projects before whether it's a happy story or not I am still eager to tell it in a different joyful language - I believe some colorful light-hearted pieces of images could perhaps, ease the uncomfortable feelings of the people right? 

  • Ideas generated & Illustrated by Huong Anh Trinh
    Words by