Mental Health & Suicide

  • Mental Health and Suicide.
    Shortlisted Creative Conscience Awards.
    Presented at the Design Museum 2017.

    Explore mental health and make it visible, how does it sit with men and why are men so vulnerable when speaking about mental illness or suicide. Develop an understanding of the stigma that surrounds men and document it through a deliverable that can be a way of promoting the need for help or support and understanding to those who don’t suffer with mental health problems.

    This brief was a response to losing my dad early 2016 to suicide because of depression, leaving me with unanswered questions. This brief allowed me to explore what mental illness is and why its so hard for men to voice their emotions. I created a solution where we see the reality of mental illness for men, using this reality positively because we need men to understand everything they experience others experience too. Mental illness makes you feel alone but if we help these men understand they are not the only ones feeling this it might encourage them to talk and make that first step of recovery.

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    Lets kick out the stigma surround men and mental ill health. 

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    For better mental health, in memory of my dad, one in a million x