• Concept and design of illustrated map and guide for the team project:
    MU2 Collezioni e Colazioni nei musei: itinerari di cultura alimentare sul Naviglio Pavese
    between Gruppo Cimbali MUMAC and Museo Salterio.
    MU2 is focused in creating a network between realities interested in nutrition and agriculture, also aimed to the promotion of the local territory.
    The printed guide is double faced: in one part MUSA and MUMAC museums are illustrated, while the other is a reprint of a 1906 small guide book dedicated to the agricultural excellences in Milan area: the new current guide was born in the sign of continuity to this old document.
    I realized many quick sketches in order to visualize some first impressions of the final guide, based on the original 1906 book: round corners, compact dimensions for an easy grip and carry and a simple layout were mandatory features. As soon as the design process ended, a 1:1 scale mockup was made for further visualization and corrections. 
    13x20 cm, 96 pages, 500 copies available at MUMAC and MUSA.