Iphone Application

  • Creating a universal app for this years food summit proved to be a difficult task. We had to create something accessible to all user bases, young and old. The experience within the app needed to provide all of the patrons with an easy to understand informational base. We wanted to create pages that were welcoming and fun to the user whilst still advocating the upcoming summit. we have options for local food, directions around campus and information about the event itself. Also provided within was sponsor references that users could access to learn more about their contributions and visit their websites.

    As for the design it was our intention to create something very simplified. While there are multiple layers, everything had to be available at the top most layer. The image based nature of it also helped with its accessibility and usability. Promoting activism and awareness of the SRQ Food Summit was out utmost goal and through this app we feel like our users can take part in their own way.