Franz Kafka

  • This is one of Kafka's last works, which he started writing in 1922 and never finished. He left the manuscript to his friend with the instructions to burn it, but the friend had it published instead. 

    The book, to me, was difficult to read and very chaotic. I found myself unable to concentrate on reading. I wanted to share my experience with this book and created artbook. The book is hidden inside a box. I chose the box as a symbol of intimacy, as we  use boxes to store important personal items.  It also has a purpose of framing and protecting the book. The book itself is without cover – a block of text without a frame as a symbol of an unfinished work. 

    There are some deformities in the text itself, which distract the reader from the book's content and bring upon him chaotic state. They also show that the book was not finished. The text is placed on the pages using the proportions of the golden section, however, the illustrations are not. For illustrations I used the broadside with subtle, at first glance, deformed letters and words.