• The Balma PLUS office furniture system designed by Wiktoria Lenart & Piotr Kuchciński.

    We have looked for the furniture which will be flexible and which will address various needs of employees. 

    We have created a multidisciplinary Team to bring together various ways of thinking about the product and diverse experiences in order to thoroughly understand the needs of people who function in the off ice and whose needs change with the time of day and the nature of the work they perform.

    The only constant thing in the present world is change.
    As a result, your company should be able to respond to any dynamic changes.
    That is why, adaptability was our priority when designing the Balma PLUS furniture system.
    This system is both flexible and complementary – it can be assembled and arranged in different configurations,
    depending on your needs or the time of day. Thanks to these features, it can satisfy the varied expectations of employees.
    We feel that it is the staff that should be perceived as the single greatest asset to the company.
    So we have created a system that can continuously be adjusted within itself,
    taking into consideration people’s individual habits, capabilities and skills.
    By doing so, the system influences eff ectiveness and efficiency and ensures comfort.

    photos by: Maciej Mańkowski