Lola Mullen Lowe branding

  • 01 // Lola Mullen Lowe branding

    Last year the agencies Mullen and Lowe and Partners merged creating a new global expanded agency network, called Mullen Lowe Group. With the fusion and the new name, come out a new vision and philosophy to the group, designed to be a new global creative boutique with a challenger approach and driven by creativity.

    Our proposal with this new logo is based on one element, the octopus, an icon that clearly represents the aims of the agency, taking risks, adapting to survive while facing the future with high ambition. This new bold and competitive attitude created a new kind of beast, a new creative global boutique with the aspiration to archive the greatness.

    This logo is part of the global branding, represented in more than 90 countries, and also become the main identity of Lola Mullen Lowe, represented in Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon.


    Logo animation by Steven Tinkler

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