PÜRE | Sustainable Coffee Solution

  • If we lined up the plastic waste produced by Keurig machines in just one year, it would circle the globe 12.5 times. That's not okay. 90% of the coffee we buy from grocery stores is already stale ...and that's not okay either. Let's do something about that, and design something that's not only beautiful, simple, and sustainable, but also produces the freshest coffee you've ever tasted.
    PURE is currently a finalist in the LULU eGames 2016 BCorp Championship.
    PURE was the people's choice and judge's choice concept at the 2015 HQ Raleigh - Product Innovation Lab Expo.
  • The concept recieved lots of positive attention since its conception Fall 2015. My team and I have been continuing the development of this project at a complimentary working space provided by HQ Raleigh, a local startup incubator, and this is a preview of the current development on my end (the design).