• JE I_E HATASHËM  –​ New Year Cards
    This small creative handmade card was a gift given to the staff on the last dinner of the year 2015.
    Both of us, wanted to make something special towards our colleagues who at the same time were our friends, as they are the ones we spend most of our time with. We wanted to create something unique, and an awesome New Year’s Eve present. Lots of ideas crossed our mind, but the one that suited best was the New Year’s Eve card. We combined our artistic skills, and created the card below.
    As we have various artistic styles, we combined them; one of us created the design of the card and the other the illustrations. The design of the card itself was inspired by the famous and astonishing artist, Van Gogh. Vigan, was inspired by this particular artist, as the relation between the staff was a unique one, meaning that we all get along with one another and each character is unique in its own way; we all know that Van Gogh was an artist who can be distinguished from the other artists. Knowing Vigan’s capacities and creativeness, he intertwined his skills and came up a very interesting and unique card. He decided to make the card simple but at the same time very rich. He choose the perfect paper, using a transparent paper in the middle. which was as a metaphor that you have to know the people first in order to get along with them; combining the red and blue color, which are not only festive ones, but the ones that the liveliness of the people as well.
    The illustrations are of a unique style. Each portrait illustration shows the special character features. All this is achieved through the lines which are of different size and color. Nita tried to show the uniqueness of the staff through the illustrations.
    It was a process that lasted for some days. It is something that we created with such passion. However, we did not want to make it so sentimental, as usually these gifts become sentimental on the last dinner. Therefore we used a satirical saying that our friends/colleagues have to be even more awesome in 2016. Moreover, that is why the cards are called “Je i/e hatashëm” meaning “You are awesome”.
    Thank you for looking :)
    You are awesome!