DNT Ung - Bergen Turlag

  • Customer: DNT Ung - Bergen Turlag
    Actual mission - Advertising campaign
    Title: "Operation: get teenagers to the mountain!"
    Target: Teenagers between 16 - 19 years
    The brief:
    "Make an advertising campaign for the Norwegian Tourist Centre. 
    The main object is to tempt teenagers to do more mountain hiking"
    It can be difficult to get teenagers to the mountain, therefore we want to introduce the mountain to them. Media used in this concept is a viral video, flyers, web ads and an event stand.
    The advertisement concept is to exaggerate the impression most teenagers have of mountain hikers from DNT. This way we show the target that DNT has a lot of self-irony, and gives the brand a lot of attention. The main goal is to change how the target perceives the brand.
    Photo: Andreas Roksvåg
    My role: Project manager/AD
  • The ads won "Best newcomer 2011", BT awards 2011
    NO//Juryens begrunnelse:
    "Vinneren slo juryen med en umiddelbar, sjarmerende og overraskende kommunikasjon. En uventet vinkling fra en organisasjon som vi kjenner så godt og som er så sterkt assosiert med kremen av norsk ungdom. Når kremen av ungdom omgjøres til en gjeng gangstere som kidnapper folk for å få de til fjells, ja da blir juryen begeistret. Det er intellegent humor, og både ideen, utformingen og foto i annonsene er profesjonelt og lekkert gjennomført."
    ENG//Jury statement
    "The winner beat the jury with an immediate, charming and surprising communication.An unexpected approach from an organization that we know so well and that is sostrongly associated with the cream of Norwegian adolescents. When the cream of young people transformed into a bunch of gangsters who kidnap people to get them to the mountains, then the jury will be excited. It is intellegent humor, and both the idea,design and photo in the ads are professionally and beautifully made. "
    Print ads and posters
    To be posted at high schools and colleges, as well as in print magazines. The subtext is: "We get you to the mountain."
  • Viral video
    This movie will be posted on the DNT Facebook page, as well as on Youtube - and we hope it will go viral. The content is exaggerated mountain hikers in the city centre trying to bring the mountain to the target group. It is also a teaser for the outdoor event that is coming 4th of June with the same message: "If you won't come to the mountain, the mountain will come to you".