• UniCycle
  • I was approached to concept ideas for a potential new start-up aimed at improving cycling among university students. After collaborating with the client to design the logo, I was tasked with designing the visual identity and guidelines dictating the look and feel of the brand. Detailed user experience research was also needed to focus the product and user needs in order to make the brand and process stand out among the competition.

    This challenging but exciting project required the analysis of existing products and trends in order to develop a clear strategy and market analysis. The project required research and development of materials and manufacturing processes for potential products (not yet shown) , plus the concept of identity and branding materials for product, print, web and mobile devices. The project utilises various design principles in order to create a strong, vibrant and engaging brand.

    Given the nature of the online sign up system an elegant and simple process was vital for successful interaction with web and mobile devices. Detailed wireframe, user feedback and observation was carried out to optimise the user experience and interactions and tailor the layout according to consumer needs.