DUST 911 (a self-initiated project).

  •  Self-initiated project. 
  • Setting the scene.
  • "I could not see anything. It just went black and I
    could not breath."

  • I wanted the layout to resemble the chaos and dust penetrating its way through the city and arround the buildings. It looks deconstructed but there is an order to the layout to aid the viewer.
  • The Twin Towers expanded seven times thier original volume in the first thirty seconds after they collapsed. When the dust hit the ground it travelled outwards at 24mph; the average running speed of a human being is 15mph, making it impossible to outrun.
  • New Yorks wast per year: 4 million tons.
    1.5 million tons came down in 30 seconds from the collaps of the Twin Towers. over 1/4 of New Yorks wast per year.
    New Yorks wast per day: 12 000 tons.
  • The result.
  • 75% of the Twin Towers turned into dust.
  • 75% of the Twin Towers turned into dust. One example from the spread below: there was over 50 000 personal computers in the Twin Towers all containing at least 4 pounds of mercury and lead that were turned into Poisonous dust and fumes. Along with to name a few hazardous contaminants such asasbestos, PCB's and glass. The dust was also radioactive because of the make up of the buildings fire alarms.

  • The picture on this spread was potographed by Dan Turner. Authored, edited & composited by my self.
  • A Devastating toxic soup, never before breathed by any human being.
  • The ph level of the dust meant that even particles over 10 microns that are normally filtered by the body penetrated deep into the longs. Non of the First Responders were provided with proper respiratory equipment while working at Ground Zero.
    There were even cases of concrete blocking the blood vessels between the heart and the lungs.
  • This sadly lead to:
  • Mental Lies
  • The article about the EPA llying to the public claiming that 'the air is safe to breath', overlays over the top of the truth. The  consequences of the lies the EPA told.
  • 75% of the first responders became sick after working at Ground Zero unable to provide for themselves or their families. They were not provided with any or the correct respiratory equipment. Even with all the evidence the American government denied any resposibility for them leaving them to sort their own medical bills, even though they were not
    capable of doing so.
  • They are still loyal.
  • First responder at the 10 year memorial year at Ground Zero.
  • Americas biggest pandemic.
    On 911 sadly 3 000 people lost their lives. Currently there are 70 000 people sick because of the 911 dust, but it effected 400 000 people in total.
  • The back
    This is the fact that I started with and it made me investigate the whole matter to make DUST 911.
  • I came acrose a fact and that fact was the death toll of 9/11 had risen from 3 000 to 4 000 in 2010, this really shocked me. I then thought to my self how dose this happen, so then designer in me wanted to find out and that’s what I did.

    Upon beginning my investigation I became to realise and uncover some very shocking truths. Every thing in the Dust 911 project is fact and not any part of a conspiracy theory.

    In 2011 the death toll of first responders nears 1 000 and it was all because of the dust and air surrounding Ground Zero and Manhattan as a result of the collapse of the Twin Towers. After the tragic events of 9/11, 40 000 fist responders began work at Ground Zero, all being told that ‘the air was safe to breath’ by their own Government despite strong evidence that this was not the case at all. They were not supplied any breathing equipment at all for up to one year of working at Ground Zero, despite the many health problems and fatalities that they unfortunately and quiet unnecessarily encountered. It was not just the first responders effected by the dust of 9/11 and the lies portrayed by the media, on behalf of the American Government so were the people of New York. Regardless of the consequences and health effects of the general public, the American Government miss lead the people of New York declaring ‘the air is safe to breath’ and allowing them back into their homes, schools, Wall Street and other places of work, surrounding the Ground Zero area only three days after 9/11. This was a selfish act carried out by the Government in order to show the strength of the US and mover over to stop the American dollar losing it value on the foreign exchange market.

    I was disgraced by the facts that I found and the fact the American Government did not except any liability for the people of New York and their First Responders. The Government did not aid them with any payout or help with their medical expenses, despite a lot of people effected by the dust becoming terminally ill and unable to provide for themselves and their families. The acts on 9/11 changed the world and many peoples lives forever, but the First Responders put others before them selves on that day without question or any self-regard, and now those effected by the dust have been left to fend for themselves over the last 10 years.

    Everybody remembers where they were that day as the whole world stopped and watched the events of 9/11 unfold. When the towers collapsed the dust in the air was the last thing on peoples mind unless you where there and breathed it. It contained over 2 500 contaminates. Sadly 3 000 people died on 9/11, it was the biggest attack on American soil by a foreign attacker. 70 000 people are now sick as a result of the World Trade Centre dust but it effected 400 000 people in total. It is already Americas biggest epidemic that you never hear about. This is why I created Dust 911! I believe that design can do more than just sell products. I wanted it to be a graphic interpretation of exposé journalism. The design of it is very interactive with a lot of hard hitting information, so I left lot of room to take in the information and give the viewer chance to breath a bit and spend time with one element on a page. Like a picture or just simply type this allows them to better consider their responses and emotion towards the information being conveyed to them. To maximise the effect of the design Dust 911 invites the viewer to be the author of some of the information themselves by use their own imagination. Their are lots of hidden ideas in Dust 911 that invite the viewer to meet the design of the information half way instead of forces feeding the information to them, this make for a more effective and memorable user experience. I decided to call the project Dust 911 so it could be read Dust 9 1 1, in relation to the American emergency number as the issue is an emergency in it own right.
  • Type Choices
    Helvetica was an obvious choice, not just because its every where in New York, but also the fact that New Yorkers trust the typeface to instruct them on how to get from A to B safely and on time on the underground every day and the information in Dust 911 can defiantly trusted.

    I then choose to use Akzidenz-Grotesk for the headlines as Helvetica looks very similar to it because Helvetica was based on the typeface. This made Akzidenz-Grotesk very appropriate to use as metaphor for the American government lying through the media about the air being safe to breath in such a way that and the Government both look and act like a figure you know and trust (Helvetica), but in a sad reality you can not at all.
  • Type Detailing
    I decided to set the text aligned left and ragged right. I deliberately flowed the type in a rather crude, unpolished manner that felt entirely appropriate for Dust 911
  • I started off reading every environmental report, Doctors report, news report, case to do with the 9/11 dust that I could get my hands on and started to make rush notes and ideas for my own use. I then made a scaled down comparison and flat plane and got it right on paper before working on the computer. vir omental report, Doctors report, new report, case to do with the 9/11 dust that I could get my hands on and started to make rush notes and ideas for my own use. I then made a scaled down comparison and flat plane and got it right on paper before working on the computer.