The Game of Corresponcence

  • RSA Student Brief//Postage Stamp//Brief A: Social Mail

  • The Game of Correspondence is a whole new way of looking at written letters. Communication today usually consist of digital observation of everyday life, resulting in conversations where a personal touch is non-existant. Instead we read statuses and invite people to play games with us on our smartphones and computer. Sending letters is a rare action saved for special occasions, how can we change it? 

    The goal of the correspondence kit is to deformalize letters, refrain from being nostalgic and rather invent a new trend. The reusable envelope will eliminate one of the factors that stop people from starting up a correspondence; having to buy an envelope. 

    Bringing a game into the story and a set of rewards will make the whole experience fun and exciting.
    It is not about writing a long letter about an event in your life, it is about sharing an experience through the post.
    The stamps are designed to ‘taunt’ the recipient to start/continue the correspondence, related or unrelated to the game. You are encouraged to extend your vocabulary and practice writing through a game, without being lectured about it. 

    The envelope will eventually become a token of your relationship, covered in stamps and personal marks.
    The stamps can bring focus back to something very important and reinvent ways of being social that have excisted for so long – writing letters and playing games.