- Power of Growing -

    Power of Growing!
  • - 2014 -

    Power of Growing! is a fictional brand that aims for the global spreading
    of information and the importance of growing your own food. In your own house!

    Food can also be your medicine. And there is not enough information out there to teach you that.

  • Linoleum Stamps - hand-carved and hand-printed.
  • I picked Red Pepper, Pink Garlic and Asian Kiwi to be the main characters of my packaging adventure.
    The package works as an instruction flyer when opened, explaining how and when to plant the seeds,
    when to harvest, the space they occupy and also their medical and health benefits

    Now, all I want is a groovy smoothy logo.

  • Freehand calligraphy traced to digital vector.
  • Photos of the packaging by: Carlos Campos
  • Be curious and look up
    what food can do for you.
    Thank you!