Chinese New Year Card 2016

  • This year I made a warming card for Chinese New Year. I composed New Year scroll, fire crack, the Spring and lantern to be iconic symbols. This Year in chinese culture is the year of Monkey.So I designed the figure of monkey into the type "猴"and illustrations. In chinese culture the color gold and red presents the good fortune for the year to come. However in some regions of asia there are different meanings in color red .To celebrate this happy new year to all my friend around different area. I try different paper colors like black and white with gold foil stamping .the color gold highlights this design work in different background and shows the elegant printing design.In the end, I wish to bring my blessing and best wishes to whomever receive this piece of work, and hopefully can surprise them at the very first moment.All cheers for the year to come.
  • design:Chieh-Ting,Lee
    photo:Chieh-Ting,Lee Jun-Yo,Liu
    paper:DAYA PAPER

    羊毛紙(white) 290 g/m2
    威尼斯紙(orange)360 g/m2
    法蘭紙(black)300 g/m2