Tokyo and the Urban Kaos - a city planning research

  • - Tokyo and the urban kaos -
    the city of the future
    Tokyo is the biggest city on the earth,but before being a place for a community, it is a sharing-experience place.
    Tokyo appears as gigantic, indomitable, caotic city and of course it is possible to feel completely disorientated while being there: there is no experience that can reproduce that feeling in that city. Why Tokyo is so thick and so busy? This quick architectural and city-planning trip tries to explain it starting from the foundation of the Capital to nowadays skyscrapers.
    Original Title: Tokyo e il caos urbanistico - la città del futuro
    Type: Architecture Bachelor Thesis
    Language: italian
    Pages: 148
    Size: 160x230 mm
    Binding: case binding with hard cover
    Year: 2016