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  • What happens when you are on vacation in a country that's foreign to you, you have limited amount of time and you want to learn as much as you can about the locals' costums and their cultural aspects? How does it feel like when what you see isn't in fact what it seems?
    Copyright Greece is a tourist guide concerning secret trivia underlying cliches of Athens and Greece in total. It relates to travellers - tourists that visit Greece for a short period. It's a project compiled of thoughts, enquiries and observations of travellers that I met during the period I worked as a tour guide in the tour operating company Athens Segway Tours.
    Through interaction with official guides and reliable sources, I recorded essential information and created a list with the classic cliches.
    Exploiting the decomposition or composition of these cliches, the importance of partial elements and overall the cliches is highlighted.
    Copyright means the rights of a work. The name Copyright Greece derives from the contents of the project itself. It refers to elements one can observe only in Greece and some only in Athens, but also things that in Greece work in a unique way.
    Greece with a Twist is a series of alternative tourist guides in the format of an interactive booklet. According to the texts and the website, the user can fill the form by putting together stickers that can find on the back.
    You can follow the process and the research in the blog here.
    Copyright Greece/Greece with a Twist is my graduation thesis.
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