• Beina is the first gastronomic festival dedicated to pulses. The project aims to disseminate the Catalan native varieties. The pop-up event will include the participation of renowned chefs as Nandu Jubany, Carme Ruscalleda, Fina Puigdevall... which are important bearers of our cuisine, and will cook the product of their particular region, as a standard bearers and conoisseurs of it.
    The event will take place in the Plaça del Rei in Barcelona for a short period of time. Later the pop-up event will travel to a series of European capitals as Paris, London, Copenhagen, Rome, Porto... to introduce the varieties of Catalan pulses. This event is held to be the international year of pulses, and Catalonia be considered as the European region of gastronomy 2016.
  • Concept & Design of the event by Lara Casanovas.