Il Tour di Nibali Website

    27 July 2014. Vincenzo Nibali is about to win the 101st Tour de France.
    Less than 24 hours before we decided to celebrate his achievement with an interactive experience highlighting the most important steps that lead to Vincenzo's triumph. We wanted to release before the end of the competition, so we had just 24 hours. We opted to design & develop a simple story divided in 3 main chapters: A summary of his early career, a visual celebration of the 5 stages that were decisive for the final result, numbers and facts to help conveying the size of this italian sport achievement. Given the short amount of time our focus was on creating something really simple, but that could tell the story in a different way from what newspapers were doing.
    Art Direction & Design — Valentino Borghesi
    Code —  Robert Borghesi

    Not commercial —  Made in 2014
    All the photos belong to their owners