This is my first reel as a motion designer and animator. I have put together some examples of my work, made in the last year or two, intending to show some variety.
    The soundtrack for the montage is a song called “Ready set loop”, written and composed by the amazing SBTRKT. The piece is for reference only, not for commercial purposes.
    My role in these works was…
    0:06 Design, animation and 3D direction - Client: HBO - Agency Studio Freak
    0:14 Design and animation - Client; Investigation Discovery - Agency Studio Freak
    0:25 Design and animation - Client: Telemundo - Agency Studio Freak
    0:30 Design, animation and 3D composing - Client: Discovery - Agency Studio Freak 
    0:38 Design and animation - Client: Discovery - Agency Studio Freak
    0:45 Animation - Client: Donde Imprimo
    0:47 Design and animation - Client: Turner - Agency Story Studio
    0:52 Animation test - Personal project
    0:58 Design and cell animation - Client: Viacom - Agency Studio Freak
    1:11 Design and animation - Client Investigation Discovery - Agency StudioFreak
    1:12 Animation test - Personal project
    1:25 Cell animation and post - Client: HBO - Agency StudioFreak
    Work done in Studio Freak feature Juan Sparano Art Direction.