HE·ART recordings

  • HE·ART

    He·Art an organic concept to make the label artworks:
    Inspired on the layers of the earth, the biggest heart of the human race.
    We applied the physical vibration of He·Art music coming out of a speaker against physical inks.
    Using computer software to adjust color only, bringing the label design to a pure, abstract and conceptual art level of work,

    The label artwork is a 25 units collection during two years techno music production.

    He·Art recordings is a label of Oscar Aguilera coordinated by Minifunk Mngt, distributed by Baseware US.

    Art Direction: Dsorder
    Client: He·Art recordings
    Country: Spain
    Year: 2016

  • Handmade Process.

    The sound of the songs leaves the speaker passing through the glass tube with a vibrating membrane, where the paint on top creates organic shapes with the vibration of the music.

  • Some collection examples of the 25 He·Art covers.
    Different techno music producers compilation.