4th international type design workshop, 2012

  • TypeClinic
    4th international type design workshop
    (previously: tipoRenesansa)

    organiser: Tomato Košir, mentor: Aljaž Vindiš

  • The fourth workshop as allways dealt with bodytext typefaces for print and display. 8 participants from Austria, Germany, Romania and Slovenia worked for 8 days in Trenta valley, Trenta.http://www.soca-trenta.si/en
    The final products included typefaces with 40 characters minimal, which were displayed in B1 poster size, were exibited in The Red Gallery, Ljubljana, from 12th March to 12th of April 2012.

    If you are interested into participating on our next workshop, (one takes place in february and one in late august / early september), 
    send an email to tomato@tomatokosir.com

  • Aljaž Vesel, Emsley
  • Anže Veršnik, Štajn
  • Diana Ovezea, Paige Italic
  • Florian Runge, Asgaard
  • Katarina Medić, Sofia
  • Teja Smrekar, Paradigma
  • Verena Manyet, Pandora Titling
  • video & portraits: Florian Runge
    panoramas: Diana Ovezea
    photos from the gallery: Jure Trček