American Werewolf in Juarez

  • The goal of this design was to express two different, yet related concepts. I chose to contrast casual American drug habits with drug cartel violence in Mexico. The longer of the two necklaces is worn loosely, illustrating how easily Americans can access and use substances like marijuana to get high. The curling forged wire pendent represents rolling smoke, while the seven leafed image of a marijuana plant is referenced in the pattern of the chain links. Down the back dangle seven leaves to reconfirm the reference. The second necklace expresses the pain of those dealing with the brutality inflicted by the cartels. A choker made of coarse rope recalls a noose while the pendant features sharpened wire spikes. By wearing this necklace the model is frozen by the threat of pain, much like citizens of Juárez, Mexico. The American drug habit has resulted in countless atrocities in border towns in Mexico.
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