10,000 Hours: KU Design Week 2016

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    We covered the walls with 10,000 posters featuring inspirational quotes, influential designers from all disciplines, and relatable design struggles.
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    As the week progressed, students and faculty gradually removed posters from the walls to hang in offices and work areas. 
  • Concept + Design:


    Event Planning Team:
    Kevin Bower, Industrial Design
    Chelsea Anderson, Industrial Design
    Spencer Reed, Architecture
    Jacqueline Kerr, Illustration
    Kitty Tootle, Interior Design
    Meredith Gershon, Interior Design

    Special Thanks:


    SEGD Award, 2016
    Best in Show - Dallas National Student Show, 2016

    Best Group Project - Dallas National Student Show, 2016
    Judges Choice: AIGA A12, 2017