• The 'Hoof' stool allows for customization and creativity. Only top part is fabricated. The legs length and kind are up to the end user. Birch, asp, lime tree or whatever branches are left after a spring forest surgery would do. Pick them 2-4 cm, cut and simply stick in. The metal hips inside would keep the branches fixed.
  • The intention is to develop an outdoor bar stool for summer markets and festives.
    It works as anchor point in open space areas, organising groups of people.
    It simplifies communication.
    It includes the resting person sight in the eye horizon of society around.
    Simply allows for posture change remaining in a standing position.
    A line of such bar stools forms a handrail and organises a queue.
  • Such source material is free in many cases.
  • Initial sketching.
  • The special milling tool! Production guys welded an extension for the nose.