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  • Nickelodeon Hey Nick!
    TV Design

  • Cris Wiegandt was commissioned by dyrdee media to build all the crafts and later animate them for a new Nickelodeon TV Show called Hey Nick!

  • dyrdee: Concept, Design, Production
    Producer. Sven Henrichs
    Creative Director: Ole Keune & Ljubisa Djukic
    Art Director: Jochen Weidner
    Compositing: Jochen Weidner, Leon Rammert & Antonin Moucha
    Stop Motion: Cris Wiegandt
    Stop Motion Assistant: Ollanski & Xenia Smirnow
    Paper Craft: Ollanski, Cris Wiegandt & Adriana Napolitano
    Sound: Hofkapellmeister

    Year of production: 2016