Music Lab_interior design

  • /2014/

    The interior of Music Lab Bar.

    The realization was made by a couple of two designers. It was inevitable to figure out a smart solution of an entrance hall and a smoking room situated in the middle of the bar area. Music Lab is located in the city of Brno and has owned by two fervent musicians.

    A concept of Music Lab is based on cafe/bar and regular music events as an experimental platform that is not just for
    local musicians. The place is transformed as a laboratory of tones, melodies and songs.

    We had to deal with several crucial limits which had a visible impact on the final solution. The theme was created
    as a musician laboratory, the main colours of the interior were defined - black & white, the budget of the realization was tragically reduced and the reconstruction time was a month until opened.
  • A few pictures were taken before we had started recreating these rooms. 

    The bar was originally furnished partly. The entrance hall where are situated all doors to the toilets, to the kitchen
    and to the dressing room was the first part of a challenge. We´ve got an idea to play with melody to transform them
    into the mirror stripes. Of course, we had to change colours of the walls, lamp shades and furniture.


    The smoking room was the biggest challenge of Music Lab.
    We had to figure out the way of dividing the smoking room from the rest of the bar. It is located in the middle
    of the bar. The air condition was needed to rebuilt and we had to find the solution to avoid diffusing smoke out
    of the smoking room. We have applied transparent cold stripes used in cooling boxes.

    Two old cupboards were repainted and used for sitting with several checked cushions, other chairs were bought
    and the colour of tables was changed. (They were originally blue to change into white colour.)
    The walls were matt painted black and decorated with chemical formula pattern (some of them are nonsense)
     to induce the right atmosphere of a laboratory.

    The laboratory glassware was sure as a decoration element. The laboratory flasks were used as the light shades and pendants with white PVC tubes to instigate the right feeling.

  • Designers: Daniela Lašútová
                        Tereza Konečná
    Music Lab Brno