children's stools BubabOO

  • /2015/
    The stools were created as small scribbles in my sketchbook. I ´ve been inspired of children's ghosts and bugaboos in the closets, corners, bedrooms and in the attics of houses. My concept is based on an imagination of kids, playfulness, colours and unrepeatability of each piece.
    You never make the same node. :)
    The stool is designed as a simple shape which is functional, but also attractive to users. Thanks to the material choice is comfortable to hold and light, which kids appreciate. In terms of balance and stability, there is no risk of injury.
    A name “BubabOO“ was originated from multiple interactions, words and feelings. From children's words "Buba", which portray ghosts and interjection "bu", which is used to scare someone. Combining these words I have created the final name.
    BubabOO are intended for children 1- 6 years old. They constantly grow, therefore stools are made in several sizes. Cheerful colours and shapes are beckoning for a child's imagination, easy to lift and move them. The height is in the range of 20 - 26 cm.Each piece is unique; it is made up of many strips of EVAC material which are laced up together, until they have a final shape. The knots comprise structure and surface is comfortable for sitting.
  • The advantage of this principle is that children can exercise motor abilities. The strips can be done and undone because this material is flexible, malleable and harmless. Three small stools are done strips of different widths, colours and intensities.

    Material properties allow easy maintenance with water; it is suitable in interiors and exteriors, as well. The colour choice and shape variability ensures it will never be boring. The stools are convenient in the bedrooms, nurseries or kindergartens. The shape allows easy storage; they can be stacked on each other and occupy minimal space.

    They are made of EVAC material - cut into strips, which are then attached to the body of tabouret. The corpus is made of light material turning into a desired shape. Polystyrene is sufficiently dense, but light and warm, which is perfect for this product.