The Disappearing Cities

  • We still assume – mistakenly – that the earth is so big that we, human beings, cannot possibly have a major impact in the way our planet’s ecological system operates. We have grown so numerous and our technologies have become so powerful that we are now capable of having a significant influence on many parts of Earth’s environment.
    Almost all of the mountain glaciers in the world are now melting, many of them quite rapidly. 
    The world is warming and, because of that, oceans may rise between one and two meters by the year 2100. 
    This will have an impact on the future of many important cities which could simply disappear.

  • The Disappearing Cities is a project about the consequences of sea rises. I wanted to warn people about that, so I've made bottles with illustration of the chosen cities that will be affected - London, Lisbon, Venice, Amsterdam - and I used a thermochromic ink. When the bottle is in the fridge the illustration appears in black, when we take it from the fridge it disappears.
  • Demonstration of the ink reacting with heat, it disappears!
  • How it looks when it is out of the fridge and how it looks when it is in the fridge.
  • The objects developed in this project were sold at a Pop Up Design Shop at Mercado de Matosinhos in Decembre 2015. 
  • The Disappearing Cities
    Pop Up Design Shop 
    ESAD Matosinhos
    MA in Communication Design