• In this project we challenged the wide and broad field of the human space flight and exploration. Our first goal was to show where our engineering and visions will lead us in the future. We wanted to create a book that is educating and the viewer can learn something while reading along. Despite beginning at the first steps of the space exploration with Sputnik 1, the viewer can open the book at any page and learn something new. The most challenging part of this project was to find a design that would represent the topic well, further we could only use images that were already made by the NASA, ESA and DLR, this made the search for good representing images hard.

    The cover represents the planetary constellation from October 4th 1957, the day when Sputnik 1 and with him the race for the moon and space started.
  • Inconsolata
    283 Pages
    Geese Aspero Plus White 120g Paper
    open spine binding
    laser encarved cover
    under the guidance of:
    Prof. Uli Braun
    Prof. Christoph Barth
    3. Semester Graphicdesign
    Faculty of Design Würzburg
    Thank you to the NASA, ESA and DLR for providing
    us with images and information about this topic.
    Thank you.