• Ideation
    We have so many memories which, when relived, evokes a state of nostalgia. The five senses are always in the present
    moment and so when we relive those memories, we are living them in the now with deep sensitivity and feeling in the
    five senses. This brings on a deep nostalgic experience.
    Memory + Senses = Nostalgia
    In our everyday life, nostalgia is evoked through all of our senses, by things we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. How
    and why nostalgia is triggered is key to understanding its purpose and consequence. The feeling of nostalgia is
    triggered by symbols, by an object or a feeling.
    But what if we change the form of an object but yet retain the colours of it? Will we still remember even though the form & shape looks different? Will the colours & shapes of the object help the viewers’ visual memory in the triggering their memories?
    Trippy Tidbits is a 2014 project that explores the subject of memory and the sense of sight by applying design into it. It is a study of how people see the visuals of the form/medium while remembering a certain object. The project is an exploration of how the production of memory are evoked during the process of observing objects through graphic visuals only.
    Do you remember any of the old school tidbits with these visuals?