Cafe Gelato Rebrand

  • Challenge: Located in the heart of downtown Savannah, Georgia, Cafe Gelato is a small shop filled with delicious coffee drinks, sandwiches, and of course, gelato. They were in desperate need for rebranding from their Curlz logo, and boy, do they love their Curlz. Extensive research of the cafe lead to this drastic but much needed aesthetic change.
    Insight: My goal was to approach a new identity with a clean, modernized look with a heavy allusion to a retro-inspired aesthetic to encapsulate the popular decades of the old-timey gelato cafes.
    Solution: Design is essential to any business identity, even a small one. This suite includes a new logo and adaptations, stationary set, menus boards, to-go menus, product designs such as cups and spoons, storefront, and environmental placement. The logo design and aesthetic emulates that of the product, scoops of gelato.
  • Awards 2012
    SCAD Secession Bronze winner
    Featured on Inspirationi
    SCADDY award finalist for logo design
    Adobe Design Acheivement Awards finalist