ATMOS: A Breath of Fresh Air

  • ATMOS: A Breath of Fresh Air
    UTS Visual Communication Honours Project
  • The marketing surrounding the bottled water industry is described as “one of the most successful campaigns the world has ever swallowed”. Australians alone drank 115 Olympic-sized swimming pools of bottled water last year, and this year it is predicted that sales of bottled water will surpass sales of all other bottled beverages combined for the first time.
    Why do we consider it acceptable to charge for something that flows freely from a tap? If this practice is so widespread, what’s the next thing we’re going to buy only because of how it’s sold to us?
    Atmos is a presently critical, prospectively speculative project, designed to corner the market for the booming bottled air industry, two decades from now.
    Modelled on the language and methodology surrounding the current bottled water industry and combined with marketing methods drawn from A.H. Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation, Atmos is a satirical take on this advertising hysteria, where everything from the packaging to the product itself is exaggerated, but the language is taken directly from current materials.
    It’ll blow you away.
    The logo references what makes ATMOS special, oxygenated purity from every layer of the atmosphere. The logo references the distances between atmospheric layers, as well as the exclusivity and far-reachingness of the Fifth Stratum, while maintaining a distinctively clean aesthetic.
  • Product Design: GLASSWARE
    Atmos’ packaging system is built upon a combination of individualistic glassware and common exterior packaging. This choice maintains the Atmos aesthetic and cohesion across the brand elements. However upon unveiling of each product, the glass reveals each stratum to be extremely unique. Our pattern system appears etched on each of the bottles and on the custom taping that holds our organic cork seal.
  • Packaging: EXTERIOR
    The outer packaging is simplistic in nature, with small foil details. Maintaining the clean aesthetic is vital. Scientific references are present in the side label and information. The front of the box should never have more than the brand name and stratum name.
    Packaging: INTERIOR
    Inside the box is where the individuality of Atmos is revealed. The unboxing experience should be exactly that, a reveal. The pattern system is revealed over the specialty holographic material, which reflects through the glass.
  • Brand Imagery: ICONOGRAPHY

    The pattern system of ATMOS is derived from objects and elements in our atmosphere. From satellites to aurorae, from the elements contained within each atmospheric layer, the pattern system varies from stratum to stratum and is influenced by what makes up each layer.
    Pattern System: FORMULAIC DESIGN
    Our pattern system varies in intensity based on the corresponding stratum being referenced. In terms of packaging this relates to the inside of the box. In terms of editorial and print material, this system can also be applied.
    The formula for determining the rate of pattern intensity relates to the percentage of the atmosphere that occurs within each stratum. Logically, Exos becomes quite void of pattern in comparison to Tropos.