The Benildean: The Taboo Issue

  • Cover photographed by Abby Magsanoc
  • The Benildean is the official student magazine-journal of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. For the fourth issue of its first volume, the magazine-journal discussed taboo issues in the College and the Philippine society.
    “It seems that decade after decade, there’s always some new issue popping up, a topic that makes us question the moral fiber of our society. Marriage equality, abortion, atheism, prostitution, sexuality—you name it, we don’t talk about it, despite knowing how how people used to say the same thing about, well, women’s suffrage, and, electricity.
    What most people don’t seem to understand is how we do need to talk about it. Censoring each other isn’t going to make the topics any less taboo. The perception of wrong has changed over the years, and it will continue to change, with or without us.
    When you talk about something taboo, it doesn’t stay as taboo—it becomes the norm. It’s where we realize that to truly have something, say, a society, that is great, we need to see it beyond its limit. And, that’s what we should do; we should always go beyond the limit—perhaps, even create the limit ourselves.
    — Hannah de Vera, Editor at Large