Animal Vision Center of Virginia Corporate Identity

  • Animal Vision Center of Virginia Corporate Identity
    The new animal eye specialist in Eastern Virginia gets a fun, flexible, and professional brand
  • When Dr. Heather Brookshire was looking to open her own animal eye care practice, she called on Red Chalk Studios and I was named lead to spearhead the project. With Animal Vision Center of Virginia (AVCVA) being the new kid on the block, it focuses on personalized care for each patient and the most passionate staff around.
  • Whereas most facilites in the area focus on seeing as many animals as possible as a business model. AVCVA instead provides personal care and attention from consultation, well into weeks following a procedure. Families know the doctors and staff by first name, and they become part of the life of the patient. The identity for Animal Visions Center of Virginia (AVCVA) is a balance of refined veterinary tradition with a personality and personal care reflecting the individual attention patients recieve from a passionate staff. Offering free consultations and expert second opinions, Dr. Brookshire’s business continues to grow into a respected and valued practice in animal ophthalmology.
  • The identity is made of a collection of geometric pieces. In the primary form, they easily place the business among the existing landscape of animal eye care. The lively green and blue offer a riff on the tradition of “medical mint” and “the authoritative blue that’s everywhere”.
  • But the geometric pieces take on a life of their own, and become brand elements to represent the entire menagerie of clientele the are serviced by AVCVA. While there is a whole zoo of animals that didn’t make the cut, the three primary ambassadors are the dog, cat, and bird. The beautiful animation demonstrating the transition between the primary logo and the supporting "critters" was created by Suzanne Burns.