Pork Barrel BBQ Bacon Jerky Packaging

  • Pork Barrel BBQ Jerky Packaging
    An expanding brand brings a new tasty snack to the table
  • When Pork Barrel BBQ wanted to expand their reaches beyond the world of BBQ, I was placed in charge with designing their new Bacon Jerky aesthetic and packaging. The Pork Barrel BBQ wanted to lead their launch with three distinct flavors: Spicy Sriracha, Old Fashioned Maple, and Honey Pepper.
    The packaging needed to reflect a lively, energetic feel, but still live within the Pork Barrel BBQ brand. By layering a base “flavor” color and pushing the established grungy texture, the jerky product line is unmistakably Pork Barrel’s. The stars and stripes even make an appearance, hinting at their patriotic past. Helping the brand move into new territory was the addition of two new typefaces to work with tried and true DIN Schrift: Abolition and Bitter.
    These new visual elements translated across multiple projects including a product sales sheet and shipping packaging. The labels and supporting collaterial played an integral part in Pork Barrel BBQ earning a place on the shelves in select Bed Bath and Beyond locations.
  • The bacon jerky was recieved so well, Pork Barrel BBQ went on to produce additional flavors including: Original BBQ and Sweet BBQ. Unfortunatly, I was not involved in the new flavor expansions, but the clear conventions in the original line made adding two new flavors a breeze.