Stieg Larsson, Millenium trilogy | book design

  • Stieg Larsson, Millenium Trilogy

    Awarded in See&Say portfolio review, 2017
    Displayed at the MOŻNA (YOU MAY) exhibition at the Wilanów Museum in Warsaw, 2016

    A project of a book series.
    Every book was bound and sewn by hand.
    Dimensions: 148x210mm each.

    Millenium is a story of brutality and violence. My attempt was to signalise this subject in a non-literal way, by setting the relationship of images on the front cover. On the dust jacket we can see a representation of an element, which is crucial for the plot of the specific part. After taking the dust jacket off, each object transforms into its “dead” equivalent.
    The vector illustrations and typography refer to computer aesthetics. The monospace font (in titles and pagination) is commonly used in coding software. This is also related to the plot, which comprises many motifs connected with the virtual world (p.e. the main character is a hacker).

    This is a student project. It was realized at the prof. Maciej Buszewicz's Book and Digital Publishing Design Studio, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw.
    You can see the filmed version on the Studio's website.
  • Carbon paper semi-transparent dust jackets
    Hard covers