JamesKo - Brand Design


    Client: Jamesko

    Task: logo, identity

    Year: 2015

    Designer: Klyavlin Iliya
    Animation logo: Roman Chernishov
  • JamesKO
    We work easily and easily lay off
    We are "JamesKO" team. Some time long ago me and my good friend Pattick Korvin got together for creation of first class specialists team. We are proud of our work and love our work space. We try to optimize work of our colleagues, we allow them to take their's pets to work)) 
    The company was founded in 2013 year, we had a small studio in the north of Manchester, firstly we dealt just in branding, but now we already have more responsibility, we work on sites creation, photography and everything we like, everything our clients need.
    Oliver James

  • JamesKO
    I remember as it was tomorrow (laughs) 

    Really, so many time have passed. Several years had fled. During this time we moved from rented apartment to a very good office in the central part of the city. 
    Team grew from two to twenty seven people and quantity of projects grew too. Primarily we work on one thing: in our team everything need to be solved easily. No difficulties, no irrelevant questions. We try to solve tasks of our clients fast and rightly. And we managed it, it's great!!!))
    We decided to recreate our brand, to make it recognizable, we want to be modern and stylish)) I think you understand what I'm talking about))
    Patrick Korvin