INVICTA - Mapping on Letters

  • INVICTA - Mapping on Letters

    We love our city. We care it so much that in our research and development time we created Invicta.

    Notorious by it’s port wine, puzzling medieval streets and from it’s modern architecture, Porto remains as a strong mingle of past and future experiences. This is the essence under Invicta. Invicta is an immersive visual intersection between callygraphy and videomapping. Where this two worlds interact to showcase a city recognized by its history yet bursting with young inovators and energetic entrepreneurs. Invicta incites Porto citizens and its visitors to engage in a celebration of urban creativity.

    This project was a collaboration between
    Lyft Creative Studio & Xesta Studio.

  • Creative team Daniel Rodrigues, Tiago Soares da Costa & Hugo Moura
    Video Mapping LYFT Creative Studio
    Calligraphy Xesta Studio
    Photography Álvaro Martino
    Video Capture LYFT Creative Studio
    Video Editing LYFT Creative Studio
    Location Porto, Portugal
    Date January 2016
    Main Materials White ink on black board & Video projection