• Casa Calavera 

    Plot Area: 128 Square Meters 
    Construction Area: 118 Square Meters 

    This are the full size crops of the renders and diagrams of Casa Calavera, a residential project we complete recently. Every single image for this project was generated as a 32 BIT HDR at an average size of 8000 pix x 4000 pix, and were worked as a 16 BIT TIFF. This characteristics provide us the opportunity to enhance and distort tones without worries and to enhance our workflow with HDR renders.

    This project was commissioned by a client who already has 6 identical plots, two of them were paired together, another one was at a corner and the other was isolated, so the project has to be adaptable to each one of this situations. The main intention was to make an affordable project with great execution that provides some characteristics like materials, terraces and the green wall that are not common in this range of residential spaces (economically and spatially).  Some spaces were merged and others were clearly isolated (like the bedrooms and baths) reinforcing its identity, this provides us the opportunity to  differentiate two zones inside the house. 

    Every single centimeter available were used to enhance and improve the quality / utility of the spaces allowing the house to obtain two terraces, a laundry space, a cupboard, a future planned roof garden and a green wall that make the house so different than its neighbours. This spaces and enhancements were not contemplated in the original plot, and were welcomed because its inclusion does not increases the budget by much. 

    Credits: Dining Frame: Line by Vasilj Godzh. Skull Frame: Hope You Like Skulls... by Billy Bogiatzoglou. Coffee Table: Saperlipopup by Élodie Thibault-Cussigh. Drawer: Koop by Vova Alekseev. Bed: Breda Bed by Borja Garcia Studio.